Lauren Rump

Operations Manager

Lauren brings 7 years of experience in logistics and operations to the RISE Disaster Relief and Recovery team. Her expertise and diligence ensure RISE maintains operational readiness for deployment at any time while also striving for continuous improvement in processes and procedures. As the Operations Support Specialist, Lauren also helps ensure that operations at base camp run smoothly so that RISE teams and volunteers can focus on what really matters – serving communities in need after a disaster hits.
Servant leadership is at the heart of Lauren’s core values and her educational background.

With a degree in Social Work, Lauren finds her life calling fulfilled by offering hope and a helpful hand to others in their moments of greatest need. As a member of the RISE team, this passion for serving shows up in her desire to help people facing the devastation of a natural disaster to find hope in knowing that RISE is there to help. Lauren also volunteers for a number of other organizations and has a dream to one day apply her passion and experience by establishing a non-profit to support families and children with special needs.